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How to use

the seizmic APP

to its full potential

Discover the seizmic APP, a free and helpful tool for all students who want to turn their ideas into real change.


With easy-to-follow steps, we guide you through creating business models that tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges. Each part of our seizmic BUSINESS MODEL covers important aspects ranging from problem identification to value proposition to social impact measurement.


Ready to make a difference? The seizmic APP is here to make your journey straightforward and impactful! 



Easy step-by-step guide to making your free seizmic APP acocunt

Few simple steps to make

your first project

Find out how to connect with your mates and make a team


step 1

How to create an account



Enter your personal information and accept the “Terms & Conditions” 


Click „Create Account“ 


Check your email and click on the link to activate your account

follow with step 5 on the next slide

step 2

How to create a project

Follow the video tutorial above,

or go to the next slide for a step-by-step guide


step 3

How to create a team


Go to the menu on the left and click on your profile picture to navigate to your project. 


Go to the menu on the left and click “Invite to team”  



 What is the seizmic APP and who was it developed for? 

seizmic APP is a digital platform guiding learners through the social business development process. Grown out of years of teaching practice, constantly developed by user's feedback, the app is easy to integrate into university courses. However, we invite everyone who is interested to make use of the app.

 I am not a student. Can I still use the seizmic APP? 

Yes, seizmic APP is available to everybody. If you are interested to learn more about social business models, we also offer 3 different social entrepreneurship courses on Coursera.

 What is the seizmic BUSINESS MODEL? 

The seizmic BUSINESS MODEL is a tool which leads students through the business model development process. Each element is tailored for social entrepreneurship and covers an important step: problem identification, team description, theory of change, income strategy, value proposition, competitor analysis, financial overview, organizational form, fundraising pitch, social impact measuring, communication and marketing, growth and replication, and exit strategy.

For a better experience, create an account at the seizmic APP and take a look at the platform.  


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