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what is a seizmic COURSE?

seizmic COURSE

focuses on current societal challenges, and presents tools and newest research on how to work with these challenges through social entrepreneurship.

There is a multitude of seizmic COURSES currently offered by engaged professors at universities across Europe.

see examples of such courses below


Magnús Þór Torfason

Associate Professor 

In Iceland, renowned for its landscapes of volcanic eruptions and hot springs, the University of Iceland has introduced an innovative course aptly named Spark Social.


This course goes beyond model building in social entrepreneurship, aiming to comprehensively enhance students' knowledge. Blending online and on-site instruction and taking place during the spring semester.


The curriculum bridges innovation with global sustainability goals, casting a spotlight on crucial elements for young entrepreneurs, such as the art of networking. Participants have the unique opportunity to engage and form connections with influential figures in Icelandic society, fostering a multicultural collaborative environment.

The culmination of Spark Social is an intensive week-long on-site team work learning experience at the University of Iceland.

Spark Social

seizmic     COURSES across Europe

Janina ESADE.jpg

Social Entrepreneurship course by Janina Grabs

Esade Business School,


Image by Nick Karvounis

Tourism, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability course at

CBS, Denmark

Abel UMaastricht.jpg

Course by Abel Diaz Gonzalez at

Maastricht University, Netherlands

Amsterdam Light Festival

New Venture Creation

Summer University course

Vrije Universiteit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image by Pau Sayrol

Financing Social Entreprises

Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona

Computer Software Guidance

Social Entrepreneurship

3 course specialisation on online platform


Image by Michael Fousert

Emerging Futures : Societal Innovation Meets Future Studies 

Université Paris-Est Créteil, France

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