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About seizmic

seizmic is the over encompassing title for a set of activities and tools developing skills and knowledge within social entrepreneurship and innovation.


We aim to support students in identifying social entrepreneurship challenges and creating solutions, and we develop collaborative measurement tools for professors teaching courses related to social entrepreneurship.





We do this by creating a vibrant, active community of educators, collaborating with AURORA universities to present together a diverse list of courses for university students, and  by providing exciting opportunities through a social business model competition.


If our platform sounds familiar, you might have known us from our first season as “#covidWISE”, or later as #impactWISE and SEISMIC.

seizmic supports educators teaching experiential social entrepreneurship courses 

seizmic provides a platform for students to develop and apply their knowledge of  social entrepreneurship

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

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Meet the seizmic TEAM!


Kai Hockerts

Professor, CBS

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Anne Karen Hueske

Postdoc, CBS


Giulia Samantha Thomas

seizmic Coordinator

seizmic is hosted by the Copenhagen Business School with financial support from the Aurora 2030 project
co-funded by the European Union

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