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join a growing community
of dedicated educators

seizmic COMMUNITY is a growing network of educators around the world.
Researching, sharing knowledge, and collaborating within the topics of social entrepreneurship and impact and innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about our activities, test the seizmic APP,

or become a part of the community, do not hesitate to contact us at


1. seizmic

The seizmic APP is a digital platform guiding learners through the social business model development process. Constantly evolving with user's feedback, the app is easy to integrate into university courses.

2. seizmic


The annual seizmic AWARDS aim to create additional motivation and recognition to learners and users of the seizmic APP. The awards are open to all projects built on the seizmic APP. Sponsored by conscious businesses across Europe, we aim to create a chain of seizmic AWARDS in different countries, starting with Denmark.

3. seizmic

The seizmic SURVEY is a practical evaluation tool. It was developed to assess how study programs or courses contribute to equipping students with the skills and mindsets addressing societal challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation. Translated to multiple languages, it shows students range of the skills and comptecencies they can acquire throughout the course, and collects data on perceived acquisition of these skills.


For more detail, contact the seizmic TEAM 

I am an educator. Where can I learn more about the seizmic APP? 

We are always excited to meet new educators and show you the app in more detail. Take a look at the seizmic APP section on our website, or contact us through the form in the footer of the page.

How can the app be integrated into university courses? 

seizmic APP was created as a digital platform guiding learners through the social business development process. Grown out of years of teaching practice, constantly developed by user's feedback, the app is easy to integrate into university courses. Educators can choose which parts of seizmic BUSINESS MODEL fit into the curriculum based on their course requirements. Further, they have access to the student’s projects and can follow real-life progress.

 What is the seizmic BUSINESS MODEL? 

The seizmic BUSINESS MODEL is a tool which leads students through the business model development process. Each element is tailored for social entrepreneurship and covers an important step: problem identification, team description, theory of change, income strategy, value proposition, competitor analysis, financial overview, organizational form, fundraising pitch, social impact measuring, communication and marketing, growth and replication, and exit strategy.

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