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Join #impaktWISE as an educator

Smilende lærer

The #impaktWISE project is open to welcome educators from around the world to use our platform in their teaching.


Concretely, this means that the students in your course will be able to use the #impaktWISE Social Business Model Panorama on the open innovation platform Babele

How does it work?

First, students will be pre-assigned groups or you facilitate a group formation process as part of your class

Students are encouraged to find a beneficiary organization, and to include at least one member of the partner organization as a member of their team 

You provide the students with a brief introduction to the CBS Social Business Model Panorama in your class

You will help the students with initial feedback allowing them to refine their problem identification, theory of change and earned income strategy

Each student group will work on identifying a social entrepreneurship opportunity addressing a social or SDG problem

Once students demonstrate a good understanding of their social problem and theory of change, they can apply for in-depth mentoring from our impaktWISE mentors 

Get started

If you are interested in using #impaktWISE as a part of your teaching, contact and indicate the following:


  • Name of the course in which you would like to use #impaktWISE

  • Start and end dates of the course

  • Number of students enrolled in the course

  • Level (bachelor/master) and academic discipline

  • Details about yourself (position, university, contact information etc.)

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