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what is a seizmic COURSE?

seizmic COURSE

is a course offered by an established university that focuses on current societal challenges, and presents tools and newest research on how to work with these challenges through social entrepreneurship.

There is a multitude of seizmic COURSES currently offered by engaged professors at universities across Europe.

see examples of such courses below


Magnús Þór Torfason

Associate Professor 

Iceland, a country known for its volcanic eruptions and hot springs, developed a course conveniently called the Spark Social.

This course offered by the University of Iceland focuses not just on social entrepreneurship model building, but on comprehensive expanding student's knowledge.


Online and on-site blended course takes place in spring semester, and connects innovation and the global goals, plus shines light on very important aspects for young entrepreneurs, such as networking.

Students ​get to meet and network with a group of game changers

in Icelandic society and work together in a multicultural setting.

Last part of the course is a week long on-site learning experience at the University of Iceland.. Students finish the course face-to face and collaborate on development of their team projects.

Spark Social

University of Iceland

Spark Social, a course by University of Iceland

bringing together topics such as contemporary challenges and solutions, entrepreneurship and networking

Image by Nicolas J Leclercq

Palacký University

Read more about the course offered online from Czech Republic - Sustainable Social Enterprises

Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer

Federico II University of Naples.

Hackathon a week long intensive course shining light on complex societal challenges and technological advancements

Image by Vincenzo De Simone

Copenhagen Business School

CBS Summer University offers two different intensive summer courses focusing on social business model development


interested in other               COURSES?

Image by Quique Olivar

Social Entrepreneurship course at the

IE Business School

Madrid, Spain

Image by Nick Karvounis

Tourism, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability course at

CBS, Denmark

Image by Michael Fousert


 course offered at

ESCP Business School Paris, France

Amsterdam Light Festival

Social Entrepreneurship course at the

Vrije Universiteit,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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