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Become an #impaktWISE mentor

Can you see yourself assisting and guiding students and early-stage social entrepreneurs in developing social business model ideas? Become an #impaktWISE mentor!

Image by Annie Spratt

What is required to become a mentor? 

We are looking for mentors with various backgrounds, but are particularly interested in those who have: 

  • Worked with the open innovation platform Babele

  • Taken the Coursera MOOC on Social Entrepreneurship

  • Has previous experience with mentoring social and/or traditional entrepreneurs

  • Have started a social entreprise

How it works

Step 1

Express your interest in becoming a mentor by filling out our survey. 

Step 4

You provide guidance and feedback to your assigned project, and help them prepare for the #impaktWISE Awards

Step 2

We review applications on a regular basis, and relevant candidates will be added to our pool of expert mentors

Step 5

At the end of the #impaktWISE season, you will receive a certificate for your mentoring effort

Step 3

We match you with a relevant project. This process may take some time depending on demand. 

Step 6

Stay connected with the #impaktWISE team, your mentee, and pursue other mentorship opportunities!

Use your skills and experience to support students and social entrepreneurs in developing their ideas!

For questions, please reach out to us at

Image by Brooke Cagle
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